Why did Skype Succeed and Joost Fail?

The really important difference between Skype and Joost was that Joost’s product had a critical input that depended on a stubborn, backward-thinking industry – video content owners.  Whereas Skype could brazenly threaten the industry it sought to disrupt, Joost had to get their blessing.  Eventually the content companies licensed some content to Joost, but not nearly enough to make it competitive with cable TV or other new platforms like Hulu and iTunes.


(Full Post: http://cdixon.org/2009/12/08/why-did-skype-succeed-and-joost-fail/)


Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is an investor at Andreessen Horowitz. He was previously the Co-Founder/CEO of Hunch, Co-Founder of Founder Collective, and Co-Founder/CEO of SiteAdvisor.

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