The BD & Sales Team

This section covers the people that make up your business development and sales teams. The Business Development and Sales functions of your company are crucial to its growth, so having a firm grasp on matters such as hiring a salesperson is key.



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The BD & Sales Team

Scott Britton

Ask yourself: are you relying on channel partnerships because it’s the best thing for your business or because you don’t know how to build a sales team? If you’re in the latter camp, you might be better served investing your time in finding someone who knows how to build sales teams.


Mark Suster

In life I’ve found it useful to have little frameworks to try and interpret the world through. They don’t always apply 100% of the time but they’re a useful way to shorthand.  The Journeymen, Mavericks and Superstars matrix has always suited me well and has stood the test of time.