Recruiting is widely considered one of the most important functions of any startup. Finding and on-boarding qualified talent is a major challenge, yet it is the key to expanding the team and its ability to drive the company forward. This section covers all maters related to recruiting.


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Babak Nivi

The organizations with the greatest entrepreneurial capability will collect the most customers and greatest profit. They will also attract the best talent, who will continue to build the best products, with the greatest distribution and highest profits, which will attract the best talent and so on.


David Lee

If you’re investing in people, you need to understand not only their skill, aptitude and potential but also their insight, drive, motivation and toughness - the immeasurables. And that’s where listening comes in.


Fred Wilson 

Demand that your investors help you grow and develop your team. Ask for results, expect results, get results.


Fred Wilson 

Hire people who will enjoy working together, who fit well together, who will make each other better. This is what hiring for cultural fit means. You start with the founding team and build on top of that.


Fred Wilson 

One of the most vexing problems entrepreneurs face is where to find strong talent for their companies. The kind of people you want to hire for your company are in short supply and they are rarely out looking for a job. You have to go find them and recruit them to join your team. But where to look?