The Best VC Pitch Tip That I Stole

For many of the people that I see I try my best to give referrals where I can.  If it’s not a good business I really do try hard to protect my friends and colleagues from having to sit through a time-wasting business.  In that case the buck has to stop with me to tell the person that I’m not convinced about the company.  But for many businesses it might be a matter of: stage too early, stage too late, wrong sector, wrong geography, too competitive to an existing investment, we have past “road kill” in a company that is similar in nature or frankly maybe I’m just working hard on 2 other deals and I don’t have the time or capacity to evaluate the deal.  In any those cases I’m happy to give an intro and I usually try my best to offer. But as with most of life, most people don’t ask.  You don’t ask, you don’t get.  


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Mark Suster 

Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur and an investor. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company Koral to He focuses on early-stage technology companies.

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