The First VC Meeting (Post 3 of Many)

So now you’ve told me who you are and why it is relevant to what you do.  You’ve given me the 60 second version of what you do in a single slide.  Now it is time for the “problem definition.”  I often think this is a good time for a 1 minute  diversion of how you got the idea in the first place (if it wasn’t covered in your bio).  I think that the “how we got started” adds a nice human touch to the pitch.  As the VC we’re wondering anyways.  It’s the most obvious thing in our minds, “how did you decide to do THIS?”  Just avoid creating a fake story that this was your life’s passion if it wasn’t.  It will come across as insincere.  If it’s a boring story, just lay the truth on us and move on quickly.


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Mark Suster 

Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur and an investor. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company Koral to He focuses on early-stage technology companies.

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