Launching & Updating

This section covers the launch of your business, product and any updates or new products you release through the life of your business. The topics might seem straightforward, but launching a product when it is imperfect—which many experts urge startups to do—can be a tough thing to swallow out of fear of turning off potential users and customers. Marketing a launch and dealing with press during a launch are also important topics that can be crucial to gaining early momentum for your products. 



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Launching & Updating

 Chris Dixon

The first time the VC community / tech press gets excited about the company, they are already so successful that it’s hard for competitors to jump in.


Mark Suster   

Too many startup execs place too much emphasis on the big stage launch.  There are many problems with this.


Babak Nivi

Almost every startup with an unfinished application puts up a page like this [image in original]. The customer development team at Grockit (Sean Ellis and Matt Johnson) takes a more interesting approach.


Babak Nivi


If you ask most entrepreneurs why they want to launch, you’ll get an answer like, “So people find out about my product — are you stupid?” But a thoughtful founder who read Eric’s article recently asked me, The New York Times wants to write about my company. It will take me no time or money to get this press. What should I do?