Hiring at a Startup? Know Thy Weaknesses

Your company of 10 people doesn’t need 5 that are like you.  You don’t necessarily have to have a ying and yang c0-founder.  But if not in your co-founder make sure that you think through all of the functional roles in your company: sales, marketing, finance, product management, customer support, technology and think about which ones match your strengths and where you need to plug holes.


 (Full Post: http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2009/12/01/hiring-at-a-startup-know-your-weaknesses/)


Mark Suster 

Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur and an investor. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company Koral to Salesforce.com. He focuses on early-stage technology companies. 

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