Our Venture Capital Obsession

A whopping 60% of the Inc. 500 companies were bootstrapped on less than $10,000. No angel money, no seed rounds, no Series A. Bootstrapped to revenue growth which wins them an Inc. 500 award. I find this truly remarkable. Something to chew on, think about and reflect on... We might have an obsession with venture capital which isn't quite healthy anymore.


(Full Post: http://theheretic.me/2014/09/09/our-venture-capital-obsession/)

Pascal Finette

Pascal is the Managing Director of Singularity University’s Startup Lab, where we grow startups which solve the most intractable problems in the world. He previously led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group in Europe, led Mozilla Labs, created Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD, and invested into social impact organizations around the globe at Google.org. Pascal also created the non-profit organizations Mentor for Good, POWERUP and The Coaching Fellowship.

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