Firing & Quitting

Employee termination and high turnover rates are a fact of startup life. With company direction changing frequently and rapidly, management often finds that it's in the best interest of the company to adjust their team accordingly. Employees might also feel that their company or startup life in general is just not a right fit for them. However, when dealing with potentially very sensitive matters, it's important to observe some best-practices. 



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Firing & Quitting

Fred Wilson 

When an employee is asked to leave the company there are two constituencies you need to think about. The first is the departing employee. The second are the remaining employees. How you deal with the departing employee will be noticed by the remaining employees. Even if the departing employee was not liked, a bad cultural fit, or worse incompetent, the remaining employees will have some empathy for them on the way out and if you handle it well, that will send an important message to the team.


Simeon Simeonov

One of the most common early-stage startup mistakes is building a weak founding teams. Since a good team is often the closest you can get to a good business plan, this one anti-pattern is the cause of many company failures.