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Lost In a Deluge

Blog posts, articles and other media that share best-practices on how to build a business are plentiful. Like many others, I rely on them. Personally, I studied business as an undergrad and I learned a lot while working with several startups, but the high-quality thought leadership I found online was frequently the most helpful, and many times the most inspiring, in preparing me for the challenges I was facing in practice. 

While the pool of this high-quality thought leadership is vast, it's distributed via an overwhelming deluge of Tweets, blog updates, newsletters, and more. Too often, I would get notified of great blog posts but they would be completely irrelevant to what I was working on at that moment, that day, that week or even in that phase of my career.

I would try Googling for this content when I eventually needed it, but I would usually get SEO-fueled marketing written by professional writers, not experienced practitioners. I would try remembering and revisiting the sources that published the content, but the categories used on these sites were generally too broad to be useful. And then I would try saving, favoriting, bookmarking and Instapaper'ing the content, but I was still overwhelmed by the volume. There was also the issue of context: the article I'm reading is helpful for the very specific issue I'm currently facing, but what other topics should be on my radar? What should I be thinking about so I'm prepared for what's to come? Plus, searching for multiple viewpoints on a particular matter was exponentially more difficult. 


So, as a side project, I set out to build Startup{ery to help solve these problems. And I'm psyched to share it with you today.

At it's core, Startup{ery contains a growing taxonomy of over 360 topics. The topics are very specific, and are centered around the important issues that startup founders and operators face in practice every day as they build their startups and their careers. The topics are grouped under sub-groups and also under broader sections, which should make navigating pretty easy.

Then there are over 500 hand-picked resources created by some of the most accomplished founders, investors and operators in the startup space. Each resource is summarized and categorized by one or more topics, and a link to the full resource is provided so you can consume it on the site where it was originally published. 

With new high-quality content being published everyday, Startup{ery will get even better and more robust overtime as new resources and topics are added to the library. To find out about the latest additions, sign up for the Startup{ery Weekly (and don't worry, the additions will be categorized on Startup{ery for when you actually need them).

If you have any feedback, tips, questions, or anything else, feel free to shoot me a note at

About Startup{ery

For years, and now more than ever, startup founders, investors and operators have been sharing advice on how to succeed in business. From personal blogs to up-and-coming publications, this advice has been scattered and often hard to find when you need it most. 

Startup{ery is a library for this advice, giving each resource and the important topics that they cover a home on the internet.


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