BD 101: Acknowledging the Language Barrier

One mistake people make in BD and sales is they assume prospects speak their language“We provide a free API….” “It’s the simplest CMS on the market…” These are presumptuous statements. I’d like to think that the prospects I reach out to know what an API or CMS is, but it’s just not always the case. If understanding my value proposition is contingent upon familiarity with specific terminology I risk losing an opportunity. Why? Because people are too lazy to investigate something they’re not familiar with. That’s why it’s imperative to communicate your value in such a way that anyone can understand.


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Scott Britton 

Scott Britton is a startup enthusiast, blogger, and Skillshare teacher based in New York City. He is a former business development and marketing executive for SinglePlatform and writes about business development, networking, and personal development at

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