Getting Access to the Old Boys’ Club (How to Approach a VC)

 If you can’t get a warm introduction to a VC then how on Earth are you going to break down the doors to get to the VP of Sales, Biz Dev or Marketing in the organization that you’re looking to sell your products to to or develop partnerships with?  If you’re not assertive and creative enough to get through a VC’s doors then how are you going to get the most sought after journalists to write your stories or the most skeptical buyers to part with their hard-earned cash?  And we expect you to be able to persuade potential employees to join your cause when you can’t pay them properly, they’ll need to work crazy hours and you’ll always be 9 months away from bankruptcy.  In short, in most cases being an entrepreneur requires  a healthy dose of Chutzpah.


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Mark Suster 

Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur and an investor. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company Koral to He focuses on early-stage technology companies.

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