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The Team section covers everything related to the people that go into building a startup. From finding a co-founder, hiring the first few employees, establishing a company culture, to determining compensation, you'll find everything here that you need to know about getting arguably the most important part of any startup—it's people—right.

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Founders »

This section covers issues that surround the people that start a company. Deciding to start a company by yourself or with . . . Read More »

Recruiting »

Recruiting is widely considered one of the most important functions of any startup. Finding and on-boarding qualified talent is a major . . . Read More »

Employee Compensation »

Determining an employee's salary and equity stake is a decision that can be crucial to the employee's retention and to the company's financial . . . Read More »

Team Productivity & Communication »

This sections covers the tools and methods your team can use to mobilize, communicate, innovate and ultimately operate to achieve your . . . Read More »

Team Structure & Roles »

This section covers the makeup and general functions of the optimal startup team: what are the key positions in a startup . . .  Read More »

Hiring »

From determining your hiring needs, to interviewing, to extending offers, the process of hiring new employees is riddled with . . . Read More »

Firing & Quitting »

Employee termination and high turnover rates are a fact of startup life. With company direction . . . Read More »

Team Feedback »

This sections covers the tools and methods your team can use to mobilize, communicate, innovate and ultimately operate to achieve your . . .  Read More »

Company Advisors & Advice »

Bringing on formal or informal advisors can be very beneficial as you grow your business. The benefits of receiving . . . Read More »

This section covers the issues that you will likely face in the first stages of trying to start a company: from developing and validating an idea worth building a business around, to nailing down and adapting your business model. Once your business is more developed, the section's strategy-related topics will help you grow your business and tackle any obstacles you may face.

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Ideas »

All companies originate with an idea. It might seem that ideas magically pop into a founder's mind, but some of the best company ideas . . . Read More »

Launching & Updating »

This section covers the launch of your business, product and any updates or new products you release through the life of your business. . . . Read More »

Business Sustainability »

Through the course of a business it might become necessary, or simply potentially more fruitful, to change the overall direction of the business or . . . Read More »

Strategy »

As Fred Wilson puts it, "strategy takes what you want to achieve and develops a plan to get there." Essentially, a strategy is a set of tactics you use to . . . Read More »

Pricing »

This section covers all aspects of pricing products and services, from determining standard prices to offering sales, discounts, and freemium . . . Read More »

Crisis Management »

A crisis can certainly send shockwaves through your startup. Knowing how to deal with, but more importantly to learn from . . . Read More »

Starting Up »

Starting Up covers what you will likely face in the first stages of starting your business. From forming a legal entity to shield . . . Read More »

Revenue Model Types »

A "revenue model is the system design by which a business monetizes its services." (Wikipedia via Fred Wilson). In other words, it's the overall . . . Read More »

Budgeting, Projecting & Burn Rate »

This section covers strategic planning as it relates to available funds and budget constraints. It also covers the important metric of Burn Rate . . . Read More »

Handling Competition »

While competition presents obvious challenges to any business, it also presents opportunities to grow your business—team . . . Read More »

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Business Development & Sales are crucial functions in most startups, with the company's growth potential and multi-million dollar deals typically on the line. From developing a cohesive BD & Sales strategy, to prioritizing prospects and delivering effective pitches, this section covers everything needed to tighten up your BD & sales organization.

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The BD & Sales Team »

This section covers the people that make up your business development and sales teams. The Business Development and Sales . . . Read More »

BD & Sales Strategy »

Having a cohesive business development and sales strategy is an important factor in the growth of your company and the . . . Read More »

Building a Pipeline »

Building a pipeline (or "hit list") is an essential aspect of any BD or Sales operation. It can help prioritize your targets, organize your outreach . . . Read More »

Pitching »

Partnerships and sales can be the lifeblood of your company, providing the potential to generate serious growth and revenue. When you've found . . . Read More »

Account Management & Relationships »

Once you have formalized a relationship with a partner, it is important to maintain the relationship to make the most out of it for your company for . . . Read More »

This section covers the internal procedures and systems used to keep a startup running smoothly on a day-to-day basis and in its relations with vendors and among team members. It also covers incidental matters such as legal and accounting issues.

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Team Productivity & Communication »

This sections covers the tools and methods your team can use to mobilize, communicate, innovate and ultimately operate to achieve . . . Read More »

Legal & Liability »

From how to choose and work with a lawyer, to how to mitigate your liability, the Legal & Liability section has resources to . . . Read More »

Accounting & Finances »

Every organization deals with accounting and finance matters. This section breaks down the basic concepts and provides . . . Read More »

Efficiency & Reliability »

When you build a company and have customers using your products, it is important to have systems and processes in . . . Read More »

Vendors »

This section covers best-practices on how to initiate and maintain relationships with your vendors. It also covers certain . . . Read More »

The funding section is a very thorough guide to attaining third-party capital for your business. It has resources on the preliminary matter of whether you should even fundraise, and then covers the fundraising and investor relation processes.

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Deciding to Raise & Raise Amounts »

Deciding whether to accept outside investment or capital is a decision that can greatly affect your ability to grow and control . . . Read More »

Funding Options & Sources »

When raising capital, there are several types of sources you can seek funding from (such as Friends & Family, Angel Investors . . . Read More »

Pitch Content & Format »

Once you've set up a meeting with an investor, you might be wondering exactly what you should talk about in your pitch and . . . Read More »

Choosing Investors »

Once there are investors that want to invest in your business, there are many things that you should consider. Investors don't . . . Read More »

Term Sheet Terms »

A term sheet is a document provided by an investor that contains their proposed terms to a funding. It is these terms . . . Read More »

Financial Math »

When you fundraise, having a basic understanding of financial math is necessary. It's important to understand how an . . . Read More »

Approaching & Attracting Investors »

Investors receive an enormous amount of inbound requests, and they typically invest in only a small percentage of the . . . Read More »

Pitch Style, Tools & Issues »

Pitch content aside, the style of your pitch is where you can really stand out. Many experts argue, for instance, that a natural . . . Read More »

Negotiating & Closing »

Choosing investors to work with merely begins the process of settling on mutually agreeable terms that will govern the . . . Read More »

Valuations & Price »

A funding round's "valuation" or "price" is an important figure that represents the value of the company being funded. This . . . Read More »

The Personal section contains resources to help you navigate the personal aspect of running, joining and working at a startup. From handling stress, preparing for job interviews, improving your personal productivity, learning new skills, and bettering your personal brand, this section will help you advance personally and professionally.

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Deciding to Start a Company »

Deciding to start a company should not be taken lightly. With your time, money, energy, relationships and even health at . . . Read More »

Job Interviews »

A staple of any job hunt is a job interview. Job interviews are easy to mess up, but they are also easy to prepare for and to . . . Read More »

Productivity & Self-Improvement »

Working at or on your own startup requires enormous productivity, efficiency, and skill. This section covers best practices on how . . . Read More »

Networking »

From cold emailing tactics to best practices on asking for introductions, with the right tips at hand networking can be . . . Read More »

Feedback & Mentorship »

Getting feedback and working with mentors is arguably one of the best ways that you can improve your career and . . . Read More »

Joining a Company »

Startups are very risky endeavors. Before joining one, you should do your diligence to learn about the company and the . . . Read More »

Leaving a Company »

Whether from being fired or from quitting, employee turnover is an inevitable part of startup life. The frequent change in . . . Read More »

Entrepreneurial Qualities »

Being a successful entrepreneur or startup employee requires a special skill set. From being incredibly productive and . . . Read More »

Personal Brand »

Your personal brand concerns how you present yourself to the world—and in particular, to the community in which you are . . . Read More »

Giving Presentations »

Giving presentations is a great way to grow your personal brand. It may also be a required part of your job—whether you . . . Read More »