What is Startup{ery?

For years, and now more than ever, startup founders, investors and operators have been sharing advice on how to succeed in business. From personal blogs to up-and-coming publications, this advice has been scattered and often hard to find when you need it most. 

Startup{ery is a library for this advice, giving each resource and the important topics that they cover a home on the internet. 

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Startup{ery breaks down the aspects of running a business and managing your career into over 360 topics. Each Staruper{ery resource is organized by these topics. 

When you're facing a particular challenge—whether it be planning your growth strategy or approaching investors—you can drill down to that specific topic on Startup{ery and find numerous resources to help you. Each resource is summarized, and a link to the original is provided so you can consume it in whole where it was originally published.

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Team | Startup{ery was created by Geoffrey Weg.


Almost every problem you run into in a startup is not unique. Someone else has had the same problem and knows how to solve it. With the right advisors . . . you can solve it the easy way, instead of the hard way (experience and failure). Save the risk and innovation for the important stuff.

Babak Nivi (Founder of AngelList)

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